Top 10 Best Car To Use in Rocket League

Rocket League is a visceral, high-octane, physics-based vehicle sports game that lets you choose one of a variety of high-flying cars equipped with huge rocket boosters.  the cars is the key to win the game, so far, there are three different classes: common, which are cars that can be unlocked from playing, imports, which can be gained from unlocking crates, and premium, which are only available from purchasing certain downloadable content. Here is all the cars in the game.


Now I will introduce my top 10 best cars in rocket league, namely X-Devil MK2, Roadhog, Backfire, Batmobile, Breakout, Delorean, Hotshot, Paladin, Scarab and Octane In fact, every car has its own advantages and disadvantages. From the professional perspective, the best car means a perfect aerial. So which factors have an influence on a great aerial? The size of the car is one of the most crucial elements. The bigger your car, the better your aerial.



The most proper cars of aerial are breakout, Delorean, Hotshot, especially Batmobile. To explain concretely, Batmobile, the most popular Battle-Car, has a long body and flat nose, thus making it easier to touch the soccer ball whether in the air or on the ground. Besides, the pack of Batmobile includes three antenna flags with famous trinity: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. So amazing! On top of that, the car called Octane is the most proper compact car for aerial, for it has a wonderful contact area. And it is kind of tall, which makes some actions easier. What’s more, the car called paladin is also a good choice. The stabs on each side can help your direct the soccer ball. In addition, the car called Scarab is a new car, which has three new patterns and two new rocket boosting, four roof decoration and two antenna device. But you should pay 4 dollars if you want to try this new car.


At last I want to say that although some cars have a better function, your skill is decisive. When you can control various cars, you are the real winner. Therefore, practice more and more. Are you interested in these cars? And which car do you want to operate? Just have a try!

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