Three Methods to Contact Psyonix Effectively

In 2000, Psyonix was established by Dave Hagewood. In fact, it was a multimedia and internet software company at first. Later it turned to be a video company game. In 2008, Psyonix released Monster Madness: Grave Danger as well as Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. Later, Psyonix released Rocket League, which became a commercial success for the company. With the popularity of Rocket League, the issue on customer support becomes more and more important.



It is obvious that we will meet some trouble shootings while playing the game. So how can we solve them? Actually, we can contact the company Psyonix to work out the problems effectively.  On top of that, some clever players will think out some unique and novel ideas which are beneficial to the game. Therefore, it is necessary to convey these ideas to the company. Here I will explain three useful means to contact it.

  • As for customer support inquiries, you can visit
  • As for press inquiries, you’d better to email
  • As for business development inquiries, you are supposed to email bizdev


In other words, the effectiveness of contact ways depends on your real situation. But here is the same purpose that “Community First”. “Community First” is the principle that are pushing to improve on. Meanwhile, it has been a part of Psyonix’s mission statement. Psyonix tries its best to make players enjoy its game.


At last I want to say that there are also some other ways to contact Psyonix. For example, if you have feedback, you can write your comments on Facebook, Reddit or Twitter.

In a nutshell, Psyonix gives priority to players. So you should be active in putting forward your own ideas. And when you have any other problems, just come to contact Psyonix.

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