The Ultimate Guide to Play Rocket League for Beginners

As for the beginners, they will meet some difficulties in playing well in Rocket League. Therefore, The RocketLeagueGuide offer the ultimate guide for the rookie players.


1.Training to learn basic skills.

At the first place, you should have a good training and learn the basics. It’s necessary and important to do the main raining tutorial to learn the basic controls. Follow the tutorial up with the Goalie, Striker and Aerial training for at least the rookie level.


2.Play with the bots.

You could take part in the exhibition match to get familiar with the game.

Go online. When you get ready and have command of the basics, you can join the online game. You’d better choose 3v3 for the best starter balance.


3.Don’t just chase the ball.

Don’t keep the habit of chasing the ball all the time. You should observe the tendency of the ball. And catch the chance to hit the ball.


4.Learn to defend.

You must be aware that defending is also of great importance, the same as attack. Stay back at your goal as much as possible. While meeting a good chance, just attack it.

The preceding guide


5.Don’t hit the ball towards your own goal!

You must pay attention to it. There are very few reasons you would hit the ball in the direction of your own goal so try your best to avoid it at all costs.


6.Design your own car.

Owning a perfect decoration is essential. You can pay some money to decorate your car so as to get better scores in the game.

I believe some of the preceding guides must be useful to you. All in all, as long as you practice more, you will get better achievement. And you will turn from the beginner to the veteran players.

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