Rocket League Tutorial: How to Master the Paschy Twirl

Have you ever heard of Paschy Twirl? Maybe not. But I am sure that you are familiar with the concept of a 360 dribble. Here I will introduce a tutorial about how to master the Paschy Twirl in Rocket League.


First of all, practicing this move forces you to gain a complete understanding of what it takes to get the ball on top of your car, keep it on your car and then also drift properly. This move also teaches you how to quickly move the ball around. This is actually an amazing warm-up before you play. Once I felt like I could dribble so fast after practicing this just for a few minutes and let’s be real. It is pretty nasty so the first step is to learn how to do what I call a swivel drift. Basically you turn your car while drifting then switch from forwards to reverse and switch your analog stick to the opposite side. Now just try to work on making a circle while doing this work on making bold tight circles and then also really big circles now try to get the ball on top of your car and just try to get a feel for what happens when you drift with the ball on top of your car. If the ball is centered directly on top of your car, it’s going to fall off of the side. If it’s too far on the inside, it’s just gonna fall down to the inside as well you want your car to be somewhat to the front and outside of where you’re going to drift. So if you’re going to start by drifting left to have the ball somewhat on your left rear side of your car now, this is really a feel thing and it’s going to take a lot of practice. Work on starting your drift when your car is moving both slow and fast


Paschy Twirl is not a new breakthrough, as clips of players executing this move go back 10 months or more. It’s a tricky move, but understanding it gives you a great sense of how to control the ball from different angles while in motion. Also, the next time your friends come over for a friendly match, you’ll have a new trick to drop on them. And I hope this tutorial of Paschy Twirl ill be useful to all the players.

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