Rocket League Tutorial: How to Fly like A God

Master the skill of flight in Rocket League is of great significance.Here, GamePretty will introduce a useful guide to lead you to grasp the art of flight, which makes you fly like a god in Rocket League game.


At the first place, I will give priority to practice. You have to spend a lot of time practicing so that you’ll have more control over your car and that you’ll understand the physics of the game better which is needed to predict where the ball is going to go next.


Besides, taking interest in the Aerial tutorials is crucial if you want to develop your rocket flying skills. Don’t be upset if you only hit a small number of balls, for it’s very common in the learning process.


On top of that it is essential to utilize the boost while flying in Rocket League. You must guarantee that the boost bar is fully charged so that your flight won’t end immediately after it’s started. You must begin by performing a single or a double jump and then hold the boost button/key while you’re still in the air. That’s not all, because after you’ve begun your rocket flight you can control it in a limited way by tilting the left analogue stick up or down to change the direction of the flight.


Last but not the least, if you’re interested in flying even higher you may consider experimenting with driving on the walls. You can bounce off the wall when you’re close to the stadium’s ceiling and then activate rocket flight. It will give you a big surprise.


We hope the Rocket League preceding tutorial will be beneficial to all the players. But remember to practice more and more as practice makes perfect. I am waiting for the day you fly like a god in Rocket League.

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