Rocket League Tutorial: How to Drive on the Ceiling

At first sight, Rocket League seems to be kind of simple, easy and casual game. However, when you spend much time playing with it, you will realize that it needs much more skills. In fact, the game is popular for it can drive on the ceiling. Maybe it sounds like a ridiculous thing, it can be achieved by yourself. Today I will introduce the Rocket League tutorial on how to drive on the ceiling.


First of all, the skill of aerial is the most important. You are supposed to jump up, turn back, fly a little, then straight up to the ceiling. Actually, it is very difficult. If you do not have enough experience, your car will fall down to the ground, let alone hitting the soccer ball. So how can you avoid this phenomenon? You should practice more and get ready to sway left and right properly. When you get command of this mechanic of ceiling riding, you can drive on the ceiling on two wheels or four wheels. While you are a veteran player, you can also use the wave dash on the ceiling.


In addition, when you fall down to the ground, do not be upset. At the very beginning, it is a very common issue. Just accept it and practice hard. I will recommend you two ways to drive on the ceiling. The first one is just go directly towards the ceiling and wave. The second one is to jump off the wall and wave which will give you a higher velocity when entering into the ceiling.


The operation of the ceiling riding is extremely cool. Therefore, read the tutorial above and practice more. As a result, you will learn to drive on the ceiling and increase the rate of hitting the soccer ball.

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