Rocket League Tutorial: How to Dribble Flick Professionally

Rocket League, as a game about soccer shooting, gives priority to the skill of dribble flick. Because the performance of dribble flick will enable players to the goal. Therefore, I will introduce the dribble flick skill here to make you professional.

So what is a Dribble? If you’ve watched some higher level players play, you’ve likely seen players keep the ball on the roof of their car, and proceed to give a double jump or flip into the ball. This skill makes players to get the ball over opponents, power-shot to the goal, setup a shot for a teammate, even create an exciting buzzer beater goal.


So how does one dribble? To start a dribble, chip the ball up slightly so that it is able to get on your car. If you don’t already know, how high the ball chips is dependent on how much your car’s trajectory opposes the ball’s. This means if a ball is coming towards you at high speed, it’ll chip high if you move forward to it, whilst if a ball is already moving in the direction you’re driving, gaining height on the ball would be almost impossible.


You are supposed to pay attention to the white outline of your soccer ball. In other words, when the ball goes left, you also should move left correspondingly. While the ball goes right, you should move right correspondingly.


You have to get used to how much the ball moves and how much you have to move in certain situations of where the ball is. Here are three tips which will help you to dribble flick professionally.

Tip 1: Turn off ball cam while dribbling so the camera doesn’t go wonky-crazy.

Tip 2: Try not to use Reverse if the ball is behind, instead, let go of Accelerate for a brief moment.

Tip 3: Do not hold down accelerate while the ball is slow. Instead, give the Accelerate button small pushes.


At last, you must grasp three levels of dribbling.

1.Ability to keep the ball on your hood, but not flick.

So what most players do is they utilize the double jump instead of a flick. But what happens when you either miss or it gets blocked by the opponent? You’ll either hit the wall or end up in the opponent’s goal.


2.Ability to flick, but not a delayed one

At this stage, if you’re able to read the opponent’s position and know when to flick, it’s pretty good. However, after a 1v1 game full of dribble-flicks, the opponent would start to read your shots. This is when the mind-games start.


3.Ability to do a delayed-flick

A delayed flick requires more skill and precision to pull off, but with this ability in hand, you can power-shot without much speed on your dribble and surprise your opponent with the delay of your flick. This can really catch them off guard sometimes.

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