Rocket League Season 8 Ranking System Analysis and Commentary

There are different game modes in Rocket League, including the season mode. It is just a kind of single player campaign mode. In Season Mode, you are supposed to play with bots instead of real players. Besides, you can choose the length of Season from the menu. You can set up a season with nine weeks long or twenty seven weeks long or thirty weeks long. On top of that, you can set up the number of players in each team. Here, I will introduce the Season 8 ranking system analysis and commentary.


Actually, if you have been a long-term player of Rocket League, you are aware of all the changes to the ranking system and the names and designs of the Rocket League Ranks over the seasons. If you are new to the game, you may not be aware of the changes made over time to the competitive system. Rocket League Season Eight Started on July 1st, 2018 but there is still no confirmation for the end date. Rocket League Season 8 began in May following the Salty Shores update. Right now, we don’t know exactly when it will end. Psyonix doesn’t stick to a strict pattern when it comes to the length of seasons and we’ve seen them vary greatly. They usually last about three or four months, so we’d expect it to end any time between the end of August and end of December.


It seems the community wants more from the Rocket League Season 8 Rewards. The goal explosions in the last season were a welcome addition, so we’d like to see more of the same. We presume that things won’t take a step back and we’ll at least be getting similar rewards to Season 7, when you could get up to three new goal explosions.


In order to eligible for Rocket League Season 8 rewards, remember to play in competitive playlists. When you get the higher rank, you will obtain more chances of better rewards at the end of the season. Through playing with the bots, you accumulate the certain experience, then you will upgrade your rank. In other words, you will receive corresponding rewards.

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