Rocket League – How to Use BakkesMod in 2019

BakkesMod for Rocket League on PC adds a lot of great training tools and a few very useful game features. You’ll find download links near the bottom of this guide. After installing just press F2 in-game to bring up the options menu.



BakkesMod is packed full of a ton of useful features to play with. Here’s a few:


  • Show MMR in queue menu and on scoreboard.
  • Use April Fools ranked icons.
  • Disable post game XP screen.
  • Don’t show item drops after the game.
  • Use Point-of-View goal replays.
  • Automatically say GG after the game.
  • Automatically save replays, or even upload them.


  • Use locally any Decal, Wheel, Boost, Hat, Antenna, Trail, Paint Finish, Engine Audio, or Goal Explosion.
  • Create codes that allow you to share your car designs with your friends. Check this one out: ggi7E1yAUKA0RJ/pDBDgTCBsImgOh3M+XnELlSaW+59vBQ==

Current Game

  • Change gravity positive or negative.
  • Change game speed, fast or slow motion.
  • Limited, unlimited, or no boost.


  • Enable or Disable goal scoring.
  • Car Color Flip Indicator, changes your car color when you can’t flip anymore.
  • Jump sounds.
  • Show boost usage.
  • Use normal stadium colors.
  • Use normal car color.
  • Unlimited flips. That’s flipping fantastic!
  • Show speed of your goals in chat.
  • Automatically limit boost in freeplay.
  • Use your dpad or number keys to control the ball.


  • Hide players names, cars, avatars, and titles.
  • Hide rank, scoreboard, and forfeit votes.
  • Switch to quickchat only mode during kickoff.


  • Developer Console.
  • Disable Word Filter for chat.
  • Show system time in the corner.
  • Show FPS.
  • Dump inventory to CSV.


  • Airdribble Practice
  • Auto Replay Uploader
  • Ball Prediction
  • Defender Practice
  • Dollycam
  • Kickoff Practice
  • Mechanical Plugin
  • Rebound Practice
  • Recovery Practice
  • Redirect Practice
  • Special Commands
  • Wallhit Practice

Console Usage

BakkesMod has a console system that you may be familiar with from other games. You can enable the console in the F2 menu under the “Misc” tab, then simply push the ~ key (tilde) to display the console window. You can then type commands such as the following:

General Commands
  • plugin load|unload|reload [pluginname] //Manage plugins.
  • bind [key] “[action]” //Bind key to console action.
  • exec [filename] //Run config in bakkesmod/cfg/[filename].cfg
  • logkeys 0|1 //Log every keypress to console.
  • writeconfig //When binds have been modified via console, write to config file and make changes permanent.
  • listmaps //List all the maps.
  • loadmap [mapname] //Load a map in freeplay mode.
  • toggleconsole //Toggle the console.
  • sleep 0-10000 //Wait for x milliseconds before executing rest for commands.
  • debug player //Print player info to console.
  • debug ball //Print ball info to console.
  • torq X Y Z F //Add spin to the ball for testing (F is forcemode, use 0-6 (0 & 1 might work best))
  • training_predictball //Draw a line where the ball is predicted to go.
  • training_scoring 0|1 //Allow goal scoring in freeplay or not.
  • boost set|add|remove unlimited|limited|0-100 //Give unlimited boost, or add, remove or set boost.
  • respawnboost //Respawn the boostpads on the field.
  • alias aliasname “action” //Create a custom command for an action.
  • gamespeed 1 //Gamespeed, between 0.01 and 10.
    Training Plugin
  • ball location|velocity X Y Z
  • ball stop|reset
  • player location|velocity X Y Z
  • player stop|reset
  • player rotation PITCH YAW ROLL
  • shot_load shotname //Load a shot.
  • shot_generate //Generate shot from the loaded shot.
  • shot_reset //Shoot the generated shot.
  • shot_countdowntime //Countdown in seconds when in striker training.
  • shot_waitbeforeshot //Time between setting ball & player at location and executing the shot.
  • shot_mirror 0|1 //Allow the shot to be mirrored automatically.
    Redirect Plugin
  • redirect_shot_speed 0-2000 [1000]//Speed to shoot at.
  • redirect_pass_offset 0-5000 [50] //Offset x & y for passes.
  • redirect_pass_offset_z 0-3000 [200] //Height offset.
  • redirect_shoot //Shoots the ball towards you using the above commands.
  • redirect_on_ground 0|1 //Shoot the ball over the floor.
  • redirect_pass_predict 0|1 //Predict where the player will be when the ball arrives at the player.
    Rebound Plugin
  • rebound_shotspeed 0-2000 [780]
  • rebound_addedheight 0-2000 [300]
  • rebound_side_offset 0-5000 [0] //Random offset to the side for not-above the goal rebounds.
  • rebound_shoot //Shoot the rebound shot.
    Defender Plugin
  • defender_shotspeed 0-2000
  • defender_cooldown 0-99999 [3000] //Cooldown time in milliseconds between shots or after a touch.
  • defender_start //Start defender training in freeplay.
  • defender_stop //Stop defender training.
    Kickoff Plugin

    (Use rookie aerial training)

  • kickoff_load 0 //Next kickoff.
  • kickoff_load 1-6 //Load kickoff.
    Touch Minigame Plugin
  • touch_start //Start minigame.
  • touch_stop //Stop minigame.

Config Files

Console commands can be stored in .cfg files. The files “config.cfg” and “autoexec” will automatically be loaded with the mod. You should ONLY put keybinds in “config.cfg” as the file will be overwritten whenever “writeconfig” is used.

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