Rocket League Free Items Redeem Codes Guide

Do you want to get free items redeem codes without playing games or paying anything in Rocket League? I bet you want. Here I will introduce the useful ways to get it. In this guide, we show you all free Rocket League redeem codes you can use to get free items in the game! As we all know, Rocket League has just celebrated its anniversary with a great show at Petco Park, home of the baseball team Sand Diego Padres. In order to make audience all over the world get into a festive atmosphere, Psyonix is delivering in-game items to all players.


Here are the four active codes that will net you free Rocket League items right now: Wrestlemania, WWEDads, RLBirthday and Popcorn. The first three are all WWE, and the last one is actually an exclusive popcorn boost. Rocket League prepares themed wrestling items for players throughout the year. The promotion began during Wrestlemania in April and Psyonix continued to add codes: each of them redeemed two random contents of the WWE series, including banners, wheels, boost, and flags. Where can we obtain it? Just get into the “Extras” tab in the main menu, and then under the “Redeem Code” option. These codes are all great through the end of the year. For now, just claim your freebies and patiently wait for the next ones to pop up. Oh, yeah — it’s also the last weekend to play Rocket League’s anniversary mode where the field is significantly different than the pitch we’ve played on for the past three years. While you’re doing that, collect balloons to trade in for Golden Eggs that unlock free random crate items. All sorts of Rocket League free stuff happening right now!

I hope the guide above will be useful to all the players and can get more free items.

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