Professionally in Single Player in Rocket League

Have you ever heard of the single player in Rocket League? It is very essential for rookie players. Here I will introduce some tips to perform professionally in single player in Rocket League.


First of all, a new player can start with rookie bots, and work their way up to all stars. Through playing with bots, you will accumulate a lot of experience.

Actually, even if you are a rookie player, you also should equip your car with advanced decoration, which will enable you perform well in single player.

In addition, practice makes perfect. Only when you practice with bots more and more, you can be profession in the game, thus upgrading one by one.


The single play mode is on the easiest level, which will make you accustomed to how the game plays and rack up some experience points for the sake of unlocking aesthetic items for my in-game car. But to be honest, it doesn’t offer special challenges or anything. It’s just a bunch of basic 3-on-3 matches against AI, and you can’t play it with a friend(s) in co-op or anything. The single player matches in Battle-Cars were 3 minutes long, while the online matches were 5 minutes. So when you are proficient in single player in Rocket League, you can try other modes, such as season mode and exhibition mode. And you can not do a league with your friends. Therefore, in order to enjoy a wonderful game experience, you should graduate as soon as possible in single player and try the next level.


In a word, the guide above is the very beginning part of Rocket League. If you want to be a veteran in Rocket League, you should lay a solid foundation through the mode of single player.

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