How to Open Crates in Rocket League

There are a variety of cosmetic items in Rocket League, from novel cars to rare decals. Then how can you get such items? As for the basic items, you can get them by dint of your excellent game achievement. As for the rare items, you should obtain them by unlocking crates. What are the crates? Definitely, crates are the special and unique items which include wheels, decals, rocket boosts and exclusive bodies. There are five different types of crates, namely Rare crates, Very Rare crates, Import crates, Exotic crates, and Black Market crates.



When you get a crate, you are supposed to use the certain key to unlock it. It is just like the CS system, which you are familiar with. But you need to buy the key in the marketplace in Rocket League. You can come into Manage Inventory or the Crate Unlock as a reference. I promise that it is kind of interesting and thrilling to open the crates, as you can obtain rare items such as cool wheels and wonderful decals. In other words, it is worth buying the key to decorate your car. Some people think that it is too expensive to open the crates. Don’t worry. You have another option. To explain concretely, you can join the online trading communities, where you can trade your items for keys. On top of that, alternatively crates can be unlocked by utilizing decryptors, too. Last but not least, please remember that you are not allowed to trade the keys or crates until seven days of your purchase.


Do you want to know the secret behind the crates? Buy a key and unlock it! A surprise is waiting for you!  What are you waiting for? Just come to experience Rocket League’s Crates and Keys system. Hope you have nice game.

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