How to Get One Better Achievement in Rocket League

Have you ever heard of ‘One Better’ ? If you are a rookie player, you will be unfamiliar with this concept. But if you are a veteran player, you will be familiar with this concept. In fact, it is a kind of luck-based achievement in Rocket League.



When you increase the level of the Certified Item, you will obtain ‘One Better’ reward. So what is Certified Item? Actually, it is an extreme award which you can obtain randomly at the process of playing online games. Besides, Certified Items are special items that keep a record a certain stat. By mint of achieving stat being tracked, Certified Items will be leveled up.


Since the achievement is so wonderful, how can we get it? Do Certified Items drop like regular items or do they have to be achieved from crafts? Let me explain concretely.


At the first place, you are supposed to play online games whether regular or competitive. Pay attention to playing online against real people. In other words, you can play with yourself or your best friends. Then you will have the hope of getting a Certified Item dropping at the end of the game, which will make item track a specific stat.


Once you equip the item with your cool car, begin to participate in more online matches and as you play the item will track your stats including goals, saves and assists. After that the item will be leveled up over time. Eventually, ‘One Better’ achievement will be unlocked. When it is awarded to you, it will say “Certified” under the name of the item”. The image below represents an example of a Certified Item. When an item levels up, the achievement tracker will go up 33% each time.


Are you interested in ‘One Better’ achievement? Just have a try!

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