7 Tips to Be Professional for Rookies in Rocket League

Rocket League is a simplistic, yet deceptively deep, competitive multiplayer game which also makes a lot of players be sucked at . The gaudy RC cars, silly jet packs, and absurd aerial acrobatics can give any onlooker the impression that Rocket League is childish or casual.

So if you are a beginner (or around bronze or silver) , I will give the tips to make you more professional. here is the 7 Tip  for all player’s around bronze 1 to platinum 1 rookies.


7.Fix The Camera

Before you start your game, you should fix the game camera. The default camera does a solid job of showing the action in front of you, but there are several critical camera settings that can be tweaked to give you an optimal view. As your preferences, you can set the Field of View, Height, Swivel, Angle, Stiffness, Distance, and Camera Shake.


6.TeamWork is Key

Teamwork is always the most vital part of the game, heroism is not the key to make you succeed.If you’re playing with friends this is easy, but if you’re playing with strangers, generally one player will be further back towards their own goal than the others. That player should volunteer to be the “goalie”, someone who hangs back and can tidy up long shots or make a last-second tackle. Instead of speeding in trying to get the first touch, just reverse a little and get ready. I’ve seen (and scored) goals off the kick-off that wouldn’t have gone in if someone had been goalkeeping.


5.Focus on The Ball

With a huge ball bouncing around, colorful cars exploding all over the place, and just the general chaos that ensues when you have a potent cocktail of battle cars and soccer. it is a crazy game for every participator. the key to win the game is simple, your team need to shoot the ball at the goal. the tip for every rookies is that you should not miss your ball.


4.Around the Wall

Making use of the arena walls is a great way to improve your aerial game and take possession of the ball. It may not be easy for rookies. but you need make more practice. you can punt the ball into a wall, and follow it a few seconds later. do more attempts and you will definitely make the most of the walls around you and create chances that could potentially see your team to victory.


3.Master Both Tutorials

There are two tutorials in Rocket League. two tutorials, a basic and advanced. you need to master them both.


2.Booste your Speed

Boosting to supersonic speed is a great way to get across the field. Once you reach your top speed, however, you won’t go any faster by burning more boost. You can maintain supersonic speed by holding accelerate and forward, so conserve your boost once you reach sonic levels.


1.Be more patient.

Be more patient because it’s not easy being a great goalie in Rocket League but mastering these core competencies will make you a potent member of any team. It’s a lot of responsibility to take on – particularly if your team stubbornly refuses to rotate into the goalie position with the flow of a match – and so you may feel a lot of pressure as you learn.

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