The Valid Way to Solve “Version Mismatch” Issue

The Rocket League Version Mismatch Issue alway happened after a big update. there are lots of players will report this mismatch error when the new update released. the latest update 1.51 has released recently, although the Rocket League 1.51 Update brings forth hotfixes that will affest gameplay. which will optimize the game better. The Version […]

All You Should Know About MMR in Rocket League

Rocket League is, as developer Psyonix so effectively explains, “soccer, but with rocket-powered cars”, and that high-concept pitch is as tantalising as it sounds. You drive your souped-up vehicle around a series of arenas which have a goal at either end. The objective is to shunt the massive ball into your opponent’s goal while preventing […]

Three Methods to Contact Psyonix Effectively

In 2000, Psyonix was established by Dave Hagewood. In fact, it was a multimedia and internet software company at first. Later it turned to be a video company game. In 2008, Psyonix released Monster Madness: Grave Danger as well as Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. Later, Psyonix released Rocket League, which became a commercial success for […]

Top 5 Best Car Designs in Rocket League

Nowadays, Rocket League is popular with numerous people. In this interesting game, you can design your own car with different items. In other words, you can decorate your car with all kinds of body, paint, decal, wheels, boost and trails. Different designs of the cars will have various functions. Here I will introduce concretely top […]